Hospital / Bed Elevators :

Royal Hospital / Bed Lifts are designed in such a manner that patients will have smooth, jerk-less and safest travel. The capacity of hospital lift ranges from 10 passengers to 26 passengers.
( Click here for Dimensions & Standard Drawing )

features :

  • Speed ranging from 0.33 mps to 1 mps
  • Jerkless starting and stopping with exact floor leveling which helps free movement for stretchers / wheel chairs
  • Specially designed cabin size to accommodate stretcher / bed & medical equipment of required size with wide cabin opening for free movement
  • Smooth & quite operation to prevent disturbance to patients
  • Diffused illumination from light to prevent disturbance to patients on bed
  • Hand Rails as per customer requirement which helps patients to stand firm
  • Door & Cabin choice as per customer requirements
  • Low operational Cost