Shri. R. R. Patil

For more than 40 years in Elevator Industry, the founder of ROYAL ELEVATORS, started his career with Bombay Port Trust way back in 1965, later he joined with ECE (Schindler) Company as a lift technician. His devotion towards work got him an opportunity to join OTIS Elevators Co. (India) Ltd., where he worked for 15 years under different departments namely Maintenance, Modernization and Erection. With time his expertise got him to start the company known to everyone i.e. “ROYAL ELEVATORS.”

R. R. Patil's Royal Services used to undertake only maintenance contracts of elevators of different make since 1974. After developing the art of maintaining elevators' in smooth & sound condition he started his own erection department in the year 1987. Since then his 'ROYAL ELEVATORS' has never had a holiday and hence erected and maintaining more than 2000 elevators to date. He has achieved this due to continuous Customer Support, who always trust the quality & services of ROYAL.

R. R. Patil is the man who made ROYAL ELEVATORS, a Company known for its Quality, Reliability and mainly for 'Royal Services'. To continue the same tradition of trust over Royal Services R. R. PATIL's second generation, under his guidance, is now providing what you always opt for from ROYAL ELEVATORS through.

Mr. Vivek M. Kavle

His Son-In-Law, is B.E. (Mechanical) and specialized in Marketing Management. He is responsible for Sales and Erection Department, Research and Development and overall Management in ROYAL ELEVATORS. Due to his continuous efforts he has extended the boundaries of ROYAL ELEVATORS, procuring orders, which will keep Royal's Erection Department busy for years to come.

Mrs. Krupali Vivek Kavle

His Elder Daughter, is B.E. (Electronics) and Diploma in Business Management. In ROYAL ELEVATORS she is handling Sales & Maintenance Department, Research and Development and overall Management. Her efforts to computerize the maintenance records of every elevator made it possible for Royal to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Mrs. Kavita Anand Chachad

His Younger Daughter, is Chartered Accountant involved in Finance Department, Customer Care Department and overall Management in ROYAL ELEVATORS. She is responsible for regulating all funds due to which Royal maintains its tradition of payment against delivery to all its vendors.

Mr. Prasad P. Patil

His Nephew, is handling drawing department and sales. His precision in drawing not only helps Royal to advice best feasible elevator as per customer requirement but also to handle the most critical & challenging jobs efficiently.

Mrs. Ranjana P. Patil

His Sister-In-Law, for more than a decade in Royal, is responsible for receiving the breakdown calls & efficiently forwarding it to maintenance technicians at the earliest. She is also involved in day-to-day Office Management and Personnel Department.

Mr. Yatin S. Patil

His Brother-In-Law, is handling Maintenance Department and Stores for more than a decade. His experience of material management has always kept Royal's stores fully equipped with genuine spares and latest tools.

His Workforce

Trained Service TECHNICIANS,
Efficient and energetic OFFICE STAFF, Experienced WORKMEN, Skilled ERECTORS

All of them make a team which is known as a

Ensure you of