After-Sales-Service is an essential aspect in any industry and at Royal Elevators we give utmost importance to this.
Our trained, skilled, experienced and responsive technicians are always available to serve you with our Royal Services.
Highlights of Royal Services :
  • 365 days breakdown Service
  • 24 hours helpline for registering complaints
  • Special Emergency Service* for 24 hours
  • Specially designed yearly maintenance program for every kind of elevator that helps to keep the elevator in smooth and safe operating condition
  • Monthly servicing as per the designed maintenance program by qualified and experienced technical maintenance staff
  • Computerized record maintenance of every breakdown request that allows us to figure out recurring faults – if any. Proactive measures are taken by experts in such special cases.
  • Fully equipped material store with genuine spares and latest tools that facilitates prompt response to any breakdown request
  • Team of technicians is provided with vehicles to ensure the speedy commute to customer site.
  • Most reasonable charges for maintenance contract.
  • Competent Management and state-of-the art technology for customers care and services.
  • Personal attention by management to every elevator erected and maintained.

*Special Emergency service only in case of accident or person getting trapped in elevator

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) :

It is not only mandatory by Government lift department but also essential for your own safety and convenience, to have the AMC of your lift from qualified- licencenced elevator contractors. Royal Elevators is licensed elevator contractor by P.W.D., Lift department, Mumbai to maintain and install all types of lifts.

Royal AMCs are designed to meet every customer’s needs in cost effective manner. Our trained and appropriately skilled personnel will regularly examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and if required make minor adjustments to ensure smooth and safe operation of elevator. Apart from routine checkups emergency breakdown services is also provided in AMCs.

We offer two types of AMCs viz.
1. Royal Comprehensive AMC
2. Royal Ordinary AMC