Passenger Elevators :

We have wide range of passenger elevators based on individual requirement and use. All our passenger lifts are not only equipped with latest technology but also comply with all the safety regulations. We make customized passenger elevators which suites specific needs.

Passenger Elevators generally range from 4 passengers (272 Kg) to 20 passengers (1360 Kg) with the speed from 0.65mps to 1.5mps. We have various options for passenger elevators which are given below :

Cabins :

control panels :

Based on various studies and researches in elevator industry, Royal Elevators has come up with most appropriate Control Panels that serves various needs of our clients. These systems have been designed to minimize the elevator movements while optimally serving the passengers. This helps to reduce the electricity consumption besides saving the waiting time for passengers.

Royal Down Collective Memory System Control Panel :

Royal Down Collective Memory System is best suitable for low rise residential buildings where main requirement is to go from ground floor to any specific floor and vice versa.
This control system registers and retains in memory, the down hall calls and car calls. These are answered in a logical order to ensure minimum necessary car movement, resulting in quick response to passenger traffic and thereby substantial power saving.
If the elevator is moving in upward direction, it will respond to car calls in floor sequence and the highest down hall call only. Once the car reaches the highest registered call it will reserve and collect all hall calls in floor sequence during downward movement.


Royal Full Collective Memory System Control Panel :

Royal Full Collective Memory System registers and retains in memory, the calls of both directions and hence is best suitable for high rise residential buildings and commercial / industrial buildings where in addition to the movement between ground floor and specific floor there is also a need to serve inter-floor traffic.
On every landing there will be two buttons for Hall Calls, one for upward direction and other for downward direction (except for starting and top landings). While elevator is moving in upwards direction, the lift will attend all Car calls and only Up Hall calls and while moving in downward direction it will attend all Car calls and only Down Hall calls in logical sequence and thus results in substantial power saving.


Royal Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (V3F Drive) :

As car air conditioner has become a standard feature in any modern car, V3F drive is an essential feature of modern elevator and it is real value for money. Here are some of the salient features of elevator with V3F Drive :

  • Smooth Start & Stop
  • Better Level accuracy irrespective of Load
  • Extra Loading Capacity
  • Reduces Breakdowns
  • Improves Life of Lift
  • Reduces Electricity consumption
  • Floor Announcement System
  • Soft Music while lift is working
  • Better integration with generator or battery backup Inverters
other features :

  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) : In case of power failure this will help to bring the Lift at nearest Floor. This system works on batteries and comes into play only in case of power failure. This helps to bring the lift to the nearest floor thus allowing anyone trapped inside to come out easily. (Now ARD is mandatory for every new lift as per circular issued by Inspector Of Lift, PWD, Mumbai.) ( Circular )
  • Overload Indicator & Cut Off Systems : This device indicates the overloaded condition and prevents lift from operating till load is adjusted. Now even this is mandatory for every new lift as per circular issued by Inspector Of Lift, PWD, Mumbai. ( Circular )
  • Our all passenger elevators are equipped with the following features :
    • Digital Floor Position Indicators
    • Call Registration Light System
    • Decorative Special Hall Buttons / Car Buttons with S.S. Face Plates
    • Decorative False Ceiling, High Speed Fan and Tube lights
    • Battery Operated Siren
    • Full Length Infrared Light Curtain for car door for Auto Door Lift
    • All the safety devices as per revised safety rules of P.W.D. Lift Department, Mumbai